Cappuccino is a small bear of 5,5 cm tall with classical appearance in spite of his long nose.

He is realize in dark brown and cream cashmere.

His joints are traditionnal (metal cotterpins and cardboard disks) even if I also explain the way of jointing this bears with yarn.

His eyes are small black embroidery beads and his nose is embroidered with cotton.

This kit include the material needed to make this teddy bear (except the wadding and the tools) :

- the dark brown cashmere
- the cream cashmere
- the embroidery beads for the eyes
- the joints (5 metal cotterpins and 10 cardboard disks)
- the cotton emboidery yarn for the nose
- the sewing yarn
- the pattern in real size
- the detailled instructions in french
- the diagrams : cutting plan for cashmire, joints, jointing with the yarn, ladder-stitch.


To order, thank you to send me an e-mail with the name of the desired teddy bear or/and kit as well as your name and address... I will send to you a confirmation with the shipping cost and the methods of payment.

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