Name : Holala

Date of birth : 29th april 2004

Size : 30 centimètres - 11.8"

Weight : 412 grammes



Holala is a teddy bear made with high quality synthetic plush and grey-blue cashmere...

He is traditionnaly jointed (metal cotterpins and cardboard disks), he's got black glass eyes and his nose and his smile are embroidered with cotton.

His legs are sculpted and embroidered. He can take positions (like take everything in his arms or hide his eyes) because his arms are wired ("sisal armé").

He's one of a kind totally hand made.

Holala is very funny... His very soft plush attract kisses and cuddles... It's good because he love it !

Stuffing : head : Hygienic wadding
Arms : Hygienic wadding and wire ("sisal armé")
Body and legs : Hygienic wadding and rubber pellets

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